As founder and CEO of The Surgical Company, I welcome you on our website.

The Surgical Company Group is made up of 6 companies that distribute, develop and/or manufacture a comprehensive range of specialty medical devices and supplies for healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurses and technicians. Our range of products consists partly of proprietary in-house developed products, primarily in the field of patient temperature management. In addition the range is complemented by carefully selected specialty (surgical, anesthesia, intensive care) and general medical products sourced from different confirmed and upcoming suppliers worldwide.

Founded in 1993, The Surgical Company, with headquarters in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, has grown both organically and through mergers and acquisitions to a Group employing well over 250 employees and generating more than Euro 70 million in annual sales. The Group’s companies are active in the distribution and maintenance of anesthesia, surgery, intensive care and general care products in the Benelux, France and Germany. The proprietary temperature management products of The 37Company are exported worldwide.

Focused on quality, The Surgical Company Group has all necessary certificates, such as ISO, CE, 510K, etc…, in conformity with the standards practiced in the medical industry.

Also the Group adheres to the guidelines proposed to contribute to a better environment by selecting cleaner raw materials and by contributing in the removal of packaging materials.

Herewith follows a summary of the history and the growth of the Group:

1993 Creation of The Surgical Company BV, focused on the Benelux markets, specializes in surgical, anesthesia and intensive care specialty products. A separate division takes special care for the ambulance and EMS markets.
2000 Merger with Granulab BV (NL) and Granulab Sarl (F), specialist in patient temperature management, created in 1984. Granulab has been fully integrated in the Group.
2001 Acquisition of SEBAC SAS (1981) in France, active in specialty products for patient temperature management, ventilation, airway management and ICU.
2003 Acquisition of Sebac Diagnostics SAS (MSR, 1980) in France, specialized in lung function diagnostics and related products.
2003 Creation of The 37Company concentrating on R&D and export activities in the field of patient temperature management, leading to proprietary products such as Fluido/FAS (blood and fluid warming device) and the Mistral-Air range (convective warming blankets).
2007 Acquisition of Adhesia SAS (1946) in France, concentrating on the development and assembly of medical trolleys and equipment, orthopedic support products, bed transportation systems and general medical disposables.
2008 Creation of The Surgical Company GMBH (Kleve), a German distribution company, specialized in patient temperature products, airway management and ICU products for Germany.
2009 Acquisition of KP Medical (1999), now fully integrated in The Surgical Company BV in the Benelux.
2012 Integration of the Welch Allyn sales and distribution activities in Sebac, Sebac Diagnostics and Sebac Adhesia in France.

During this decade, and probably during the next as well, health care providers and the related industry will continue a consolidation process. It is our aim to continue to participate in this trend, contributing to deliver more efficient and affordable health care.

Through continued R&D and M&A activity we will aim, to the best of our ability, to provide patients and practitioners with the best products and services, in line with the budgets available.

All employees, suppliers, manufacturers and related professionals, working with or for The Surgical Company Group and its respective daughter companies, strive to excel in their performance to achieve the goal of improved clinical value.

The motivation of every employee is best expressed in the jointly chosen word “CLIENT” focusing on our common values:

C Creative
L Lively
I Integrity
E Efficient
N No Nonsense
T Total Commitment

It is my personal pledge to you to stimulate and coordinate this continuous effort in search of qualitative, justified and affordable products contributing to improved patient care.

I also thank you for the relationship with you making all this possible.

The Surgical Company Group

Best personal regards,

Drs. Luc Van Schil
CEO – The Surgical Company Group